The vandals internet dating super studs

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The Vandals had a settled line-up by 1989, with Escalante joined by former Fallen Idols vocalist Dave Quackenbush (with the band since 1985), guitarist Warren Fitzgerald (b.

A brief hiatus ensued before the release of the lacklustre Internet Dating Super Studs, which included an interactive section following the band on a series of hapless dates.

The in-concert set Live At The House Of Blues included a free DVD in the package, while the studio album Hollywood Potato Chip marked a partial return to form.

Go all the way back to the Sex Pistols and their theatrical rejection of mainstream culture, and you’ll find something that’s a lot more reactionary than people give it credit for.

(Malcolm Mc Laren was a clothes designer who stumbled on a new product and found a new way to package it — nothing revolutionary about that.) Sure, punk became a genuine movement with genuine ethics once bands like Crass and Black Flag and Fugazi came around, but the genre as a whole was never the antithesis of pop culture, no matter how many studs and safety pins it stuck in its thrift-store leather jacket.Not every pop punk band participated in corporate culture, with some as adamant about maintaining their DIY ethics as Fugazi and the Dischord crew were in the ‘80s.


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