Trend micro not updating 2016

Adobe’s other bulletin for November resolves an input validation vulnerability in the events registration module within Adobe Connect for Windows.This lone CVE is not listed as being under active attack, but could be used for cross-site scripting exploits.Threat Watch App for i Phone: Get instant security alerts with the Threat Watch i Phone App.I recently installed patch patch 11.1 (1639) on my Office Scan Server, all my 32 Bit clients updated automatically to the new version. No new Microsoft advisories were released this month.Looking Ahead While expected, this month’s release officially makes 2016 the busiest year for Microsoft updates.While only a local Eo P, it’s a component not often updated.

While generally considered more secure than IE, it appears exploit hunters are finding issues within Edge now too.

PS: Does anybody know future plans regarding the official TM forum (since there isn't one anymore)?

Take a break from setting up your latest mannequin challenge, cast aside that ballot and join us in taking a look at the security patches released by Adobe and Microsoft for the month of November, 2016.

Microsoft Patches for November 2016 Those hoping for a light update from Microsoft will be disappointed, as the folks in Redmond gifted us 14 bulletins addressing 77 CVEs in Internet Explorer, Edge, Windows, SQL Server and Office.

Six of these bulletins are rated critical, with the other eight rated as important.

Today’s Flash update is not being exploited in the wild, but does address critical vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.


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