Twilight stars robert and kristen dating

Kind of like a gift for her and Bailey, cause Bailey wants a friend.She’s been like, if you see a rescue dog in Toronto and you think the dog would be a good match, adopt him and bring him back to LA.” Uh-huh.He is in Belfast and she is currently in the United States. Fall plans turned into winter plans and now there are no specific plans, but they still plan on getting married.”Do you think that Kristen Stewart’s big revelation about Alicia Cargile is just a cover up to save her and Robert Pattinson’s relationship?


The 31-year-old actor probably wanted to avoid the controversy of being seen with his former lover especially now that he is single., the English actor revealed that the madness that surrounded his life due to the fame he gained for playing Edward Cullen has calmed down.Probably because he spends more time in London and takes on roles that interest him.


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