Understanding men and dating articles Chatrandom kamerun

The funny thing is when women approach men about the things that they think their man said, this is not the case. You should take this as your cue to just take their word without adding meaning.

It can be really tough to understand men in general, more so when in a relationship.

Not just in physical appearances, tastes, and interests, men have a different way of understanding and approaching matters in a relationship that can sometimes become difficult for a woman to decipher.

Here are some ways that you can understand your man: While we are not saying that women do not love being complimented, men love them all the more.

They take a longer time in thinking about things over and over again before they decide on making a big commitment.

Accept your man and let him be ready in his own time.


They have a sense of ownership when you are already in a relationship which is why they hate the idea of men trying to get close to you.

In relationships, this does not mean that they are giving up on each other, but they simply have a different approach on various matters.



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