Updating firefox on eee pc Sex chat melb

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There's no need to submit a comment twice, just be patient till I get to it.

If you replace the 512MB RAM module with a 2GB one, the Linux supplied by Asus will only use 1GB of it. Please read this documentation at least once in full, before starting any actions. I will take no responsibility if these will short instructions will wreck your Eee PC. This is another kernel I compiled and a slightly modified initramfs instead of the unionfs, aufs (another union fs) is used.

It fixed a problem for me that I wasn't able to mount filesystem-images via loopback. F9 and a reset to factory settings is strongly recommended for using this kernel and initramfs.

Installation is easy: I compiled the source for d1x-rebirth for the Linux Asus supplies with the Eee PC. For installation download the supplied executable, unpack it with "bzip2 -d" copy it to /usr/local/bin and set the executable flags. d1x-rebirth-gl.bz2 (Size: 323879; Date: 2008-02-11, CET) When you want to install Firefox 3 on the Eee PC you'll it won't let you start, because the gtk 2.8 libraries are too old.This webpage is mainly focussed on running the official Asus/Xandros Linux on the Eee PC.



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