Updating firmware on sony bdp s300 first impressions dating service

3.90 seems to have it back in check, but still not like 3.70.What good are to great audio features if it slows down the loading of the movie?You would need to find the "Burn Image" to Disc option in order for it to work correctly." Where can I find this "burn image" option?I'm not running any third party burning software... "An ISO image is a file that contains all the information necessary to duplicate the contents of a disc.Vista doesn't include the built-in capability to burn an to disc, but as others have mentioned there are free programs that will do this (ISORecorder, Img Burn, etc).Or if you already have a commercial program installed such as Roxio or Nero those will do nicely as well.* Compatibility with the newly released BD-R/RE format (BDMV). The main thing for me is the speed to which the system turns on and loads disks.


The reason i post this is im interested in finding out if anyone else is having similar problems ?! A few movies loaded faster, while most of the others actually loaded more slowly.I know you probably have to download the firmware update and then burn it to something, but what would be the best kind of disk to use? If you click on the firmware tab at the top of the page and then look under sony, look right above, and they have links to directly download version 3.7. hope that helps I did a search and couldn't really find anything I was looking for, but come someone explain to me how to update a Sony BDP-S300?



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