Updating leo4all


After patching with a different version of Integrated Frame Buffer kext, 1680x1050x32 works fine but no 3D support.NO - This entry is for anyone trying to use OSX86 on this type of Motherboard, the BIOS is too limited in options to allow you to boot into any flavor of OSX.Works beautifully using the Ralink 10.5 drivers at: [29] Doesn't connect as Airport, and must be configured using the Ralink Utility; configured as ethernet. As a side note, this card works perfectly in Vista x64 as well, n-mode all the way!

If it doesn't work, check that the RT73is really loaded. Working with Kalyway 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 out of box, detected as Airport Extreme.

It will boot off cd, and install, partition..will not work.



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