Updating my htc touch


Two of these may have actually been resolved with this software update.

Given that HTC released a device with some major flaws, it would be great to see something like a price drop to encourage people to give it another try, especially given we have new Samsung Galaxy Note and Google Pixel 3 devices launching in the next month or so.

If you can find something that’s close to your issue, try to follow the suggested fix or troubleshooting procedure and if that doesn’t fix it, then feel free to contact us.

We are serious in helping our readers so we made it easier for you to get in touch with us.

Alex Dobie, Android Central executive editor, was one of the most critical of the HTC U12 Plus with a 2/5 star rating.

Make sure to check out his updated video review (love the short HTC device history at the beginning) of the U12 Plus with the new software update.

Going to the HTC support website was a great experience.

I found the new ROM in a minute or two ( instead of 1.37.xxx).

The ROM on the machine was quite old, early 2008, I believe, so, I thought it would be a good idea to update it.We also have our Facebook and Google pages where you can post your concerns.To make this page easier to find, make sure you bookmark it.Downloading the ROM was a bit more difficult, because it required my phone S/N to allow me to take only the "Vodafone FR" version. It proved impossible to download the normal version, without the Vodafone crap on it. I believe this is a big too much for just a ROM, but not that much either, compared to the i Phones updates.

And, of course, the update didn't want to run, because it couldn't find my phone. I need to correctly link my phone to my computer, running Windows 7. Come on, people just want to install their phones, not install a new cool feature or program.

The first start is quite long, but not impossible to bear.



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