Updating registry with

Users can still change it but it will revert when group policy refreshes. Notes My little examples above with Calculator only work on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. ADMX’s can also be used on Vista/2008, but I’m saving those for a later posting as they make ADM’s look trivial. If you want to get really into this, I highly suggest checking out: Using Administrative Template Files with Registry-Based Group Policy –

This sample ADM was created by Ned Pyle, MSFT.” · CLASS describes User versus Computer policy.· CATEGORY describes the node we will see in the Group Policy Editor.· POLICY describes what we see to actually edit.· EXPLAIN describes where we can look up the ‘help’ for this policy.· KEYNAME is the actual registry key structure we’re touching.· PART is used if we have multiple settings to choose, and how they will be displayed· VALUENAME is the registry value we’re editing· NAME describes the friendly and literal data to be written So here we have a policy setting which will be called “Windows_Calculator_(Custom ADM)” that will expose one entry called ‘Mode’.


This can for example also be loaded when using Run

You’ve found that you’re using Windows Calculator all the time to convert hex to decimal and reverse; it’s the best way to search for error codes online after all.

The Scenario You’re administering thousands of Vista workstations and their applications, and you spend a lot of your day connecting to them for troubleshooting and maintenance.

I have some registry settings in the user configuration preferences section in a GPO.

The action is set to "update", I've changed the value, but they aren't updating to the new value on clients.

When doing a fresh partition and wipe of reinstalling windows i still get a updating windows registry?? also what is a symbolic link to my all users folder doing?



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