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The Network tab is what we call the area of your browser where we can see all of the requests for the files required to load a web page, in the order that they are made.We can see what type of file was requested, where it was requested from, how large the file was, and more.In the effort of validating our analytics implementation, the general concept is the same regardless of which browser you are using: we want to find our Google Analytics hits in the Network tab so we can identify whether or not our Google Analytics tracking code is effectively sending data to Google’s servers when we expect it to, and that all of the correct parameter values are attached.

As long as the Network tab is open in your browser, it is recording requests for you to review.One we didn’t cover in that post is what we often refer to as the “source of truth” when it comes to identifying whether or not your Google Analytics tracking code is doing its job: your browser’s Network tab. Well, we call it the “source of truth” for a reason – the Network tab is the only tool with 100% accuracy.


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