Who is kc concepcion dating


KC Concepcion and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart had a brief relationship, which fans speculated started in August 2012 but which cooled off in February 2013. It’s been more than 5 years since KC Concepcion said those words.

As per a report, she has previously launched her own jewelry line, Because I believe in God, I thank Him so much for all the unexpected surprises coming my way! It’s true that the more CONTENT you are on the inside, the more God provides.

She also said, “…mahal siya ng pamilya ko and I think nagkakaintindihan kami ng pamilya nya.” (my family loves him and I think his family and I, understand each other) KC Concepcion and Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart met in October 2011, during ex-President Bill Clinton’s Gala for the Clinton foundation in Los Angeles, California.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta and the mother of Pierre-Emmanuel was at the party, too.

Pierre-Emmanuel reportedly approached and introduced himself to Megastar Sharon Cuneta first, during the Gala Dinner.

Then he waited for Sharon to introduce him to KC Concepcion.KC Concepcion has been dropping hints on social media about dating an unnamed someone since July, 2018.



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