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Since her first appearance in 1980, She-Hulk has enjoyed some great moments within the pages of Marvel Comics, thanks, in part, to writers such as Stan Lee, John Byrne, Dan Slott, and Charles Soule, but not all of those moments have been particularly wholesome or fun.

We've already looked at the most WTF things The Hulk has ever done, but now we take a look back at some of the sensational, savage, and downright weird moments in his cousin's history.

However, despite pre-dating She-Hulk, she can't help herself asking if his presence in her book was a joke. ) Doctor Bong fell further into obscurity after his run-in with She-Hulk, but he did successfully move away from a life of crime and earned a Ph.When She-Hulk tries to approach her cousin to calm him down, he attacks her with much more aggression than expected, leading the Vision to surmise that this, in fact, was an attempt to impress the only female of his "species." She-Hulk tries her best to explain that, despite her love for him, and despite the multiple beatings she received while he was in this rage, she and The Hulk can never be together that way due to their familial connection. The deed itself is only referred to retroactively through exposition, so She-Hulk doesn't actually make an appearance.This leads to a sad and dejected Green Goliath leaping away, and a tearful She-Hulk requesting that her fellow Avengers finally leave him alone. Readers find out that She-Hulk was in fact the only one, on Earth, that Bruce Banner could realistically mate with.She compares the inclusion of the D-list villain to the inclusion of Doctor Doom (although he was taken down by Squirrel Girl once) in the 5th issue of , referring to Doctor Bong, rather cruelly in our opinion, as a clown. D in psychology, likely spurred on by the soul-crushing criticism from Miss Green.

So it doesn't seem all that weird that Jen would take a shine to the big guy.

Breaking the fourth wall may be more famously attributed to Deadpool, but the mercenary was not the first character to do this.



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