Who janet jackson dating now


It came on later in the relationship, verbal abuse and being [made to feel like] a prisoner in her own home.

No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a bitch everyday.

Janet's confidence is back."And even though things didn't work with Wissam, it sounds like she doesn't regret the time they shared, because it brought them Eissa."Janet is a very shy women and hates confrontation and avoids it at all cost," the insider says.

"She doesn't regret her passed life because Wissam and her had a strong love at a time and made a healthy baby."After some time has passed and when she's ready, Jackson might start dating again.

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Wissam and Janet did not feel that they were on the same page when it came to this and the way they wanted their child to get raised. Cultural difference and backgrounds played a major role."The insider continues, "Wissam is a very strong minded individual and can come across being hard headed and judgmental at times.

Janet started not to feel comfortable around her husband.


Jackson was joined by Dupri at an after party in Atlanta celebrating the end of the U. “They were cuddled up and holding hands,” an unnamed person Us Weekly calls an insider said. Subscribe to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today.

What is even more, the couple got married secretly, so a lot of people have not even realized that they are the newly weds before they made an official statement.

Moreover, for quite a lot of time Janet Jackson has been denying the fact that they got married, however sooner or later the truth always comes out. However, at that time both Janet Jackson and Janet Jackson boyfriend and now husband Wissam Al Mana were denying the fact that they got married.

While she was pregnant Wissam caused stress on Janet and it affected her stress level.


They knew it was over before the baby was even born.

"Her baby has brought so many new beginnings and life back in Janet.



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