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Unlike most traditional dating sites, which have a theme or rely heavily on photos, Affiny uses compatibility - something that emerges naturally in every romantic relationship. With Affiny, you'll only find singles you have an affinity with.

The idea behind it is that real affinity between two people often begins with having something in common. the discovery that they are, in fact, made for each other! Using your answers to our questionnaire, which is based on psychological and behavioural research (and tells us a bit more about you), every day we'll point you towards people who are made just for you.

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Affiny by Match is a dating site with an infinite difference.That’s the aim of Dating Direct Affinity: matchmaking for people who want to find a partner based on their personalities.



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    Oasis Active offers the option to search for romantic partners or Platonic friends.

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    You should use the feature of a video dating chat if you’d like to get to know your lady better.

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